Participation Terms and Conditions


All natural persons have the right to participate, by submitting their personal information and being responsible for their validity. Alternatively, the Organizing has the right, after having asked the participants for the necessary documents to validate the accuracy of their personal information, to eliminate any participant from the Program. The right to eliminate is reserved in any stage of the Program for the participants who will submit false information. The participation in the Program presupposes the internet access of the interested parties by their own means. For the participation in the Program the unconditional acceptance of the present terms and the expressed consent for the voluntary sending of each participant’s personal information is required.


The Organizing company calls interested artists and non-artists to express themselves and present to the public, to register without charge through the platform Listen to the Road. Those who submit an application, automatically create their personal artistic profile in the platform. Through that, the artists who will present their work in central spots of Athens are chosen. The Organizing does not take any responsibility regarding the ensuring and the assistance to access internet sites or the performance venue. The access in the online site of the Program is only allowed under the operating conditions or the server and the rest of technical conditions and prerequisites of the Program. The Organizing considers every participant the owner and sole controller of the IP address he submits- has. The Organizing bares no responsibility for any expenses of the participants-users due to the aforementioned causes.


The applications for participation begin on October 30th, 2015 and last throughout the duration of the program. The participants’ appearances on central spots of Athens will begin the first fortnight of November. It is explicitly clarified that, after the end date of the program the participants irrevocably accept that they do not have any rights or requirements from the Organizing, nor are they entitled to ask any continuation of the expired Program.


All the participants of the Program fully accept and without any reservation the present terms of use. If someone does not accept the terms of use, they should not participate in the Program. Also, all the participants recognize, declare and explicitly and without reserve accept that: (a) their personal information is accurate and true. (b) they are over the age of sixteen (16) years old. In any other case, they also have to submit a formal declaration with the permission of their legal guardian to publicly appear in front of an audience. (c) their personality is not offended nor belittled in any way be their participation in this program of the Organizing (d) they do not offend personal data or the personality right of any third party. (e) they do not offend any rights of intellectual property of any third party or they have acquiered the necessary licenses. (f) they provide the Organizing with their consent and their authorization to promote the Program and its results through printed and online press and the internet throughout its duration. The Organizing reserves the right to use and publish any news item regarding the carrying out of the Program. (g) provide their consent and authorization for advertisement exploitation of any relevant event, without the obligation of prior information or compensation payment. The Organizing also holds the right to publish audiovisual material from each participant’s performance.


From the Contest, those who fall under the following cases are excluded: (a) It is strictly forbidden for underage people under the age of 16 to participate in the program without the consent of their legal guardian. In the case where participants submit inaccurate or false birthdate, the Organizing bares no responsibility. The user who submitted false information is liable to the company for any damaged that this false declaration may cause the Company. As far as the underage user who submitted false information is concerned, he is held liable along his custodians. (b) Those who have not explicitly agreed to the present terms of use. The Organizing reserves the right (but is not obliged) to exclude from the Program, in any stage, persons who, according to the company is possible to have used (or have attempted using) any unlawful means regarding their participation or have violated one of the conditions of the present article.


After the submission of the participation and after having created the artistic profile of the participants in the Listen to the Road platform, the selection of the participants is done at regular intervals, in order to select those who will appear in the public places. Every participant in the Program, after been selected, he or she will appear once in a public place. They can appear more than once, without it being necessary and after the Organizing’s decision. The selected will be informed via e-mail. The organizing announces to the selected the date and the time or their appearance in the public spot. The performance- appearance has specific time limit, which is determined by the Organizer. A special badge is given to every participant, which he has to wear prominently during the performance and is only valid for that performance.


The selected participant during the performance- appearance in the public places: a. is obliged to use the space or part of the space assigned to him for this specific activity and to do not exceed its limits, b. he can accept tips from the audience without creating this obligation, c. he is not permitted to sell material whether he owns the copyrights or not d. he is not permitted to offend the audience or public decency and this constitutes a reason for elimination, e. he is obliged to show material for which he either has the copyrights or they were granted to him, f. to be in a certain public spot that has been shown at the agreed upon with the Organizing time. If for any reason they cannot attend the performance and the performance is cancelled, the organizing is not obliged to reschedule it.


The Organizing and the respective sponsor, if there is one, hold the right to announce through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Banner, entries in magazines, newspapers, through the internet and in their shops, the names of the selected participants. With the participation in the Program, the participants give their consent for the aforementioned announcement and processing of their information. Furthermore, the organizing company has the right to use digital material (photos, videos, etc.) from the participant's social media for the platform's needs. The terms have been posted in the Listen to the Road official page and on the internet Any participant in the Contest or third party has the right, with their own expense, to receive an exact copy of the present terms.


Under no circumstances is the Organizing responsible for any direct or indirect damages, costs and expenses that might occur from any malfunction or delay or any other cause regarding the Program performances. Also, the Organizing does not bare any responsibility, either criminal or civil, towards any winner or third party for any accident that might occur and/or any loss and/or damage physical or material that might happen to them and is directly or indirectly related to the performances or to any other cause. The Organizing also controls the availability, the content, the privacy policy, the quality, the completeness of the services and the accuracy of other websites’ information, to which the website refers through hyperlinks or advertising creatives. Hence, for any problem that may occur during the visit or use of other websites, the users recognize that they have to contact directly the respective websites who solely carry the responsibility for the provision of their services. Under no circumstances it cannot be claimed that the Organizing adopts or simply accepts the content or the services of websites to which the Website refers to or/and is connected with in any other way.


The participants do not have or acquire any right whatsoever on any marks, names, emblems and other distinctive signs of the Organizing or/and the Sponsor. In any other case any such registration will not be asked. The consent is given and when willingly proceeding in comment or vote or sharing or inviting or retweeting as it is published in the aforementioned website. From her side, the Organizing does not acquire the copyrights of the participant’s material. However, she holds every right to reproduce videos or photographs from his performance- appearance in one of the public spots within the framework of the program in the official website, in the social media and in any other printed or digital press. Finally, all the material submitted by the participants (links, photographs, videos etc.) have to be their own property and to do not violate the copyrights or other rights of intellectual property of any third party.


Every person’s participation in this program constitutes the unreserved consent for the use of their personal data for the creation of a personal details file from the Organizing. The creation of the file has the objective to promote the participants of the aforementioned program, though their public expression but also through the program’s platform. The individuals of whom the data will be includes in the file have the right to access or denial regarding the data that concern them, according to articles 12 and 13 of Greek law no. 2472/1997.


With the personal information of the participants in the present program, a personal data file will be created for which there has been legal notification to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA). There will be no third party recipients. At any given moment, each participant reserves the right to access and update their personal information or to object to any further processing of their information, according to article 13 of Greek law no. 2472/97 for the protection of personal information, after submitting a written request addressed to the non-profit organization under the name “Multitrab Productions”, which is situated on 7, Fleming str., N. Filadelphia, Attica.


Any difference that may occur regarding the Program and the implementation of the present analytical Conditions will firstly be resolved by a three member committee, exclusively chosen by the Organizer and the Sponsor. The committee’s judgement in these cases is binding for all participants. In any case of judicial settlement of the difference, the Courts of Athens are responsible and the Greek law as the applicable one even to the non-permanent Greek citizens, the European Union law and the deriving law from the relevant international treaties. Any provision of the aforementioned rules is considered against the Law, it ceases ex officio to have effect, without in any case affecting the validity of the other conditions.


The Organizing company is not in any way responsible for any participants that might get lost, have the wrong or insufficient information or cannot register for any technical or other reason. The Organizing does not accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, responsibility or disappointment that the participants may go through. Multiple artistic profiles in the program’s platform from the same participant will not be accepted. Organizing does not bare any responsibility for the expenses the participants make for the submission of their application or their performance- appearance in the public spot. The organizing does not bare any responsibility for the content of the participant’s application, who is solely responsible for the information he provides through the application form. The Organizing reserves the right to delete a participant’s profile in the program’s platform if he doesn’t comply with one of the aforementioned conditions. The Organizing reserves the right to modify with no reason the terms and conditions or to change the program’s timetables with an announcement in the program’s website.